New site for the Numerical Method MOOC

Our MOOCs on Numerical Methods that were offered on site have been moved to a new CANVAS Free for Teachers site.  Current students can continue to use the current MOOCs indefinitely.

For future students, the two-part MOOC now has been combined into one and it is accessible at any time.   There are no deadlines to start or finish.  To enroll, just click this link and you are on your way to learn Numerical Methods via audiovisual lectures, textbook content and online assessments.

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Open Education Resource Repository Links

  • Open education resources (OER) or open course wares (OCW) are everywhere you look.  Many have spent valuable time to make repositories of these courses where one can find links to several courses and these are everywhere as well.  So, when I was answering a recent survey on OERs, they asked users which repositories they had used.  I thought it would be good to have links to all the mentioned repositories, and they are given below.

And if you are wondering what an open education resource is, here is how Open Education Consortium defines it. “An OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality college and university‐level educational materials. These materials are organized as courses, and often include course planning materials and evaluation tools as well as thematic content. OpenCourseWare are free and openly licensed, accessible to anyone, anytime via the internet.” Acknowledgement:  I would like to thank USF student Brain G for finding and entering the links.

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