One Two, No Test Review

In Spring 2018 for the EML3041 Computational Methods course, I assigned students to write a nursery rhyme on numerical methods using the “one, two, buckle my shoe” prompt.¬† Here is a sample, and more will be shared in the next few weeks.

The students were given the choice of going anonymous, use only initials or their full name as the byline.  Some opted not to be published while others added the audio version as well.

One, Two
by Cedric Bellard 

One, two,
No test review
Three, four,
Better study before
Five, six,
Taylor series will stick
Seven, eight,
You will differentiate
Nine, ten,
Must remember programming again
Eleven, twelve,
Hours you must delve
Thirteen, fourteen,
Mini-project must be clean
Fifteen, sixteen,
Frq is the routine
Seventeen, eighteen,
Never daydream
Nineteen, twenty,
You will learn plenty!