Is there a way to make up for the lack of time the student has but they have the attitude and ability?

A professor wrote in a newsletter: “However, many students are taking on too much, doing more than one ‘full-time’ thing: paid work, university courses, and other responsibilities. Many students who have the attitude and ability to succeed don’t have the time and energy needed to achieve their best.”

The question that followed was whether there was a way to make up for the lack of time the student has.

      • I know some people who favor mastery grading might not agree, but I think giving endless quizzes is not fair for such students.
      • But seriously, keep the graded components low stakes (does not discourage) and simple, e.g., three midterms, a final exam, weekly online HW that is formative (give multiple tries) but be low time consuming and challenging enough to keep that distributed practice going. Do not require attendance. After all, we are assessing learning – right.
      • How much they are working should not affect how students get graded – surely how you support students though is important
      • I offer free one-on-one tutoring of one hour a week (not many takers – less than 10% of the class).
      • Office hours are also held outside of the 8-5 time, and can be face to face or online as per their preference.
      • I also answer course content emails quickly.
      • Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which is a framework to accommodate diverse learners, I have let students in some courses choose between a final examination or a culminating project. The former takes less time to prepare but can be hard to ace, the latter takes more time but is easier to ace.

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