How do I do that in MATLAB


Need help with programming in MATLAB

These are MATLAB course videos from a professor at Vanderbilt University.  I have made a playlist here for the prerequisite information you need for EML3041 Computational Methods course!

A short sample programming project to exhibit how to submit one

Here is a short sample of the submission expectations for a programming project in numerical methods.  I show you this through an example.

Here is a sample project assignment [PDF].

Corresponding to the project, the corresponding mfile [m] is developed.   Go through the mfile and note the following: proper comments, writing in sections with the %%, displaying tables in a proper format, using print statements, formatting, and drawing graphs.

See the expected corresponding complete submission report [PDF] as it involves typed pages done in a word processor as well as the published version of the mfile.

Learn how to make a single pdf file from various parts of the sample project [BLOG].  Did you know as a USF student you can download Adobe Acrobat for free?  It is a tool to make PDF files from word processor docs as well as to merge them with other PDFs.