Audiovisual Lectures on Numerical Methods

We have started to put audiovisual lectures on the web for an undergraduate course in numerical methods. These videos are available at the youtube site

Some of the videos are longer than 10 minutes, so they could not be loaded to the youtube site. Right now, these videos and the links to the youtube videos are available at We are editing the longer than 10-minute videos so that they can be uploaded to youtube.

The above webpage is a better webpage to find the videos of your choice as the videos are given in a sequential fashion for a particular topic.

By end of Spring 2009, we should have uploaded all the audiovisual lectures for a typical numerical methods course.

Drop me a comment on what you think about this new avenue to learn numerical methods.


This post is brought to you by Holistic Numerical Methods: Numerical Methods for the STEM undergraduate at, the textbook on Numerical Methods with Applications available from the lulu storefront, and the YouTube video lectures available at  

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