Fulbright Specialist Diary: Day 14-15

Day 14 – Saturday, July 21, 2018

A day to wake up a little late but not too late.  I worked on editing a paper that my colleague and I are writing on comparing flipped classroom with and without adaptive learning for the pre-class work.  She writes so well that it made my job easy.  I mentioned a few edits, made some comments and send it back to her.

In the afternoon, my host and his wife take me to Ipoh for lunch.  We end up in an Indian restaurant as I had missed Indian food for a while.  They drop me off in the evening when I continue to work on this blog.  It is also time to call my mom in India and then my family later in the evening.


Photo: Tandoor Grill restaurant in Ipoh, Malaysia

Day 15 – Sunday, July 22, 2018

After taking a shower, I decided to go for a walk around the hotel early in the morning.  I must have walked a few times around the block – the roads are empty, the shops were closed except for the ubiquitous restaurants, laundromats, and a 24-hour medical clinic.  Somehow, after eating a sumptuous breakfast, I fell asleep while watching TV.  There are only nine channels on the TV, and two of them are generous with English programs.  However, the same episode of shows of Blue Blood, NCIS Los Angeles, American Ninja Warrior, and Quantico are repeated several times in the day and then in the following days of the week as well.  I can now recall whole episodes including the commercials that entice you to see them.

For lunch, my host takes me back to Ipoh to try another good Indian restaurant. Among the dishes we ordered, we had his native Andhra fish curry and my native Kashmiri Naan.  To tell you frankly and sheepishly, I had never eaten the latter in my life.  I asked my mom about it and she was surprised as well – it must be an item that is served only in restaurants and going to restaurants in Kashmir was a rare affair when I was growing up.

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