A prompt for students to write a discussion post on the most difficult topic in a chapter.

Here is a prompt for students to write a short discussion post on what they found difficult in a particular chapter.

In 50-100 words or more, describe in complete sentences the most difficult concept or exercise for Chapters 01.XX for you or for a classmate. Include categorically why one would struggle with it. This assignment is extra credit for 5 points on the “Online Assignments”.

Grading Criteria

Submissions will be graded on a simple rubric for thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and completeness. Students are expected to answer all prompts with care and in good faith.

A thoughtful, thorough, and complete answer will get you 5 points
An attempt missing mostly one of the above requirements will fetch you 2.5 points
An attempt missing mostly two of the above requirements, or is irrelevant or is generic will be marked 0 points.

An example of a reasonable answer from your differential calculus course could be – “I found the fundamental theorem of calculus to be a different concept because one used dummy variables in the integrals and the upper limit of the integral was a variable. I am used to definite integrals with numbers as the limits of integration.  But when I looked at both parts of the fundamental theorem and worked through a generic example, I was able to get it”

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