End of semester grading VBA module

In spite of learning management systems making assigning letter grades simpler, these systems still leave much to be desired when asked to incorporate extra credit or curving of an assessment grade.  To overcome this drawback, I download the grades to a excel spreadsheet and calculate the overall score of each student.  Based on the overall score, one needs to then assign a letter grade for the transcripts.  To assign 13 different plus/minus grading letters manually can be a good candidate for making a mistake in a large size class.  So I use a VBA code (how to access VBA editor) to assign letter grades.

c1 = overall percentage score
fungrade = letter grade

Autar Kaw, End of semester grading VBA module, last retrieved at https://autarkaw.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/end-of-semester-grading-vba-module/, December 21, 2015.

Function fungrade (c1 As Integer) As String
Dim gra As String
Select Case c1
Case Is >= 98
gra = “A+”
Case Is >= 90
gra = “A”
Case Is >= 86
gra = “A-”
Case Is >= 83
gra = “B+”
Case Is >= 80
gra = “B”
Case Is >= 76
gra = “B-”
Case Is >= 73
gra = “C+”
Case Is >= 70
gra = “C”
Case Is >= 66
gra = “C-”
Case Is >= 63
gra = “D+”
Case Is >= 60
gra = “D”
Case Is >= 56
gra = “D-”
Case Is >= 0
gra = “F”
End Select
fungrade = gra
End Function

PS. You can modify the above given VBA code as needed.  If you want a less hard-coded version, you can modify by having two more inputs – 1) a vector of lowest limit of score for a particular letter grade, and 2) a corresponding vector of the same length of letter grades.

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